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Brachytherapy Seeds for Prostate Cancer Treatment | 

Theragenics is proud to support clinical partners around the world who continue to ensure men diagnosed with prostate cancer are made aware of every single treatment option available to them. 

Jonathan Chance is a prostate cancer survivor, award-winning reporter and above all else, an advocate for prostate cancer patients. In his podcast, Prostate Cancer Aware, Jonathan engages with key opinion leaders diagnosing and treating prostate cancer, with a patient-centered focus.

His podcast features discussions with Dr. Gregory Merrick, Dr. Peter Orio and now, President of Theragenics Interventional, Mike Krachon. In this episode, Jonathan and Mike discuss the importance of brachytherapy as treatment option for men diagnosed with prostate cancer. Take 10 minutes and listen to the full interview below.

Listen to the full podcast episode here

More about the Prostate Cancer Aware Podcast

Jonathan Chance, a prostate cancer survivor and award-winning reporter, hosts Prostate Cancer Aware, which features news and information about prostate cancer, early detection, men’s risks, treatment options, and men’s health. Prostate Cancer Aware is a patient-centered podcast that looks at prostate cancer from the eyes of the patient and provides men with important, easy-to-understand information about prostate cancer while answering the questions that men don’t want to ask but should ask in order to empower them to talk with their doctor about prostate cancer and the ways they can live as healthy a life as possible.

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