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40 Years of Bringing Hope. 

A celebration of continued brachytherapy innovation. 

Theragenics is proud to support clinical partners around the world who continue to ensure men diagnosed with prostate cancer are made aware of every single treatment option available to them.

In 1981, a group of dedicated scientists bonded over a shared mission: to cure cancer. But beyond this deep-seated purpose was an even larger vision, to not only cure cancer but to identify those cancers that claimed increasingly more lives, often diagnosed as inoperable. It was with this purpose that Theragenics was founded.


Enter TheraSeed®

Over the next several years the committed team worked to identify these cancers whose cure rates had not seen significant improvement in the previous two decades, honing in on prostate, liver, and brain cancer. While radioactive iodine-125 and other isotopes had been used for over 20 years, Theragenics’ researchers believed palladium-103 to be a desirable alternative to iodine-125 because of a much shorter half-life and higher initial dose rate. With this core belief, TheraSeed® was born in 1986.


A Refined Focus & New Hope for Patients

In 1987, Dr. John Blasko of the Seattle Prostate Institute performed the first TheraSeed® implant on a patient with prostate cancer, marking a new milestone in prostate brachytherapy. In 1988, Theragenics further refined its focus on prostate cancer treatments, sending the organization on a driven mission to develop innovative products that improve patient outcomes.

Today, Theragenics’ brachytherapy products are used to cure prostate cancer globally. It’s estimated that Theragenics’ seed products have been used to treat over 240,000 men, giving new hope to patients and families across the world.


40 Years of Forward Thinking

As Theragenics turns 40, we are proud of our accomplishments and are humbled to serve patients and clinicians worldwide. To celebrate this milestone, we are sharing stories from our clinical community of partners, highlighting the profound impact of brachytherapy on patient outcomes and innovation over the last four decades.

We look forward to what the next 40 years will bring as we work to globally transform healthcare experiences through disruptive technology with a targeted approach to support the delivery of care.

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