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Theragenics brachytherapy

Celebrating 40 years of brachytherapy

40 Years 0f F0rward Thinking

Prostate brachytherapy

Our commitment to the community

Join us as we celebrate 40 years of innovation in brachytherapy cancer treatment!

Theragenics is proud to support clinical partners around the world who continue to ensure men diagnosed with prostate cancer are made aware of every single treatment option available to them. Thanks to dedicated innovators like doctors Blasko, Ragde, Holm, and many others, brachytherapy has become a powerful, patient-friendly way to treat prostate cancer for a significant population of men requiring treatment.

As we turn 40, we are proud of our accomplishments and are humbled to serve patients and clinicians worldwide. To celebrate this milestone, we are sharing stories from our clinical community of partners, highlighting the profound impact of brachytherapy on patient outcomes and innovation over the last four decades.

Prostate Cancer Treatment

A Modern Approach With Brachytherapy


Surgically Competitive Outcomes


Single, Targeted Treatment


Low Cost, High Value


Improved Patient Experience

what They’re Saying

from our clinical experts

“Brachytherapy changed the treatment of prostate cancer with its patient-first approach, improved patient experience and excellent results.”

John Blasko, MD

“Brachytherapy has clearly demonstrated superior efficacy compared to other modalities in many, many [prostate cancer] cases.”

“Long-term studies with mature data substantiate the importance of brachytherapy especially for high-risk prostate cancer cases.”

Gregory Merrick, MD

“When we see newer, younger urologists who haven’t been exposed to brachytherapy join a group with an experienced brachytherapy team, they light up when presented with long term data and when they see how well patients in practice are doing with lengthy follow up ranges.”

“Prostate cancer patients treated with brachytherapy experience some negative side effects in the short-term, but those tend to resolve quickly with superior cure rates, retention of sexual function and lower likelihood of hormone treatment required down the road.”

John Sylvester, MD

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